The german word ‘SEELENFUTTER’ translates to ‘food for the soul’. Accordingly ‘SEELENFUTTER RECORDS’ stands for deep & melodic techno.

Founded in 2020, by the Berlin based DJ & Producer Walram, you can expect to hear the first release cooming soon.

Meanwhile enjoy the newest episode of the ‘SEELENFUTTER’ mixes: carefully selected tracks rich in emotions, colourfully intervowen to take you on a a ride and leave you with smile.




vom Kulturbotschafter is the new secondary alias of Walram to deliver a more lightweight electronic sound, including entertaining german vocals.


The first release “Nicht Mehr” will be in all stores on March 3th 2022.


Check it out here:



Walram is passionate about music since he was a kid. After being frustraded with the narrow view & concepts of society while studying business engineering in his twenties he was swallowed up by electronic music & nightlife.
In a blink he started spinning records and moved to Berlin. After turbulent times he directed his attention to music more professionally and attended SAE Berlin in 2018.
In 2019 he started the melodic “SEELENFUTTER” mix series.
Determined to keep doing music for the rest of his life, he founded ‘SEELENFUTTER RECORDS’ in 2020. During corona pandemic he moved out of the city to spend more time with music and nature.
Also he is growing as a person by raising his two children.